Grooves Rules in 2010

Competitors in the 2010 USGA Open Locals will not be required to play clubs conforming the new grooves USGA regulations that go into effect on January 1. The only USGA competitions in 2010 that will implement these rules are Sectional Qualifying Rounds for the US Open, US Women’s Open, and US Senior Open and the championships.

USGA Open Local Qualifying Rounds will use these rules beginning in 2011.

Amateur competitions conducted by the WPGA will begin the use of the USGA regulations in 2014, in line with the USGA’s policy for their competitions. “The regulations control the cross-sectional area of grooves on all clubs,
with the exception of drivers and putters, and limit groove edge sharpness on clubs with lofts equal to or greater than 25 degrees (generally a standard 5-iron and above). The rules apply to clubs submitted to the USGA for conformance evaluation on or after January 1, 2010” (USGA Press Release).

The WPGA Championship Committee will soon make a decision on clubs that can be used in West Penn Opens, 2011 and beyond. The 2010 West Penn Open will not require contestants to play clubs conformiong to the new USGA regulations.


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