2015 season underway, thank you for your continued support

On behalf of the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association, our Executive Committee, official family, volunteers and staff, we would like to express our thanks to you for your continued support. Your support of the Association is fundamental to us carrying out of our mission. The WPGA family is a network of 130 Member Clubs – of varying types of golf clubs and organizations – and nearly 28,000 golfers. Active support of Member Clubs and individuals is vital to the Association’s well being, and this support is much appreciated.

Courses are opening and entries are being processed for the upcoming championship season. The Association has hosted several meetings and workshops already this year that have been well attended by interested and engaged audiences – Course Sustainability, and an overview on our tournament management product, the Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) provided by at no cost to WPGA Member Clubs, at Green Oaks Country Club on March 19, a Junior Golf symposium at Oakmont Country Club on March 26 covering the efforts of the Association to promote Junior Golf in the region, and a Handicap Seminar conducted by the United States Golf Association (USGA) on April 1 at Oakmont. Thank you for your participation.

Score posting began on April 1. Having a USGA Handicap Index through our handicap computation service, the GHIN Service, at an Association Member Club underscores your support and connection to the Association. The eRevision Service sends each golfer handicap updates twice a month year-long for golfers with a valid email address registered with the GHIN Service. The Association provides Member Clubs hardware to use products from the GHIN Service that includes computers, printers and touch screen monitors. This commitment to our Member Clubs is among the most significant of any state or regional golf association in the country. We rate approximately 25-30 courses each year and rate each Member Club about every 5-6 years. The USGA requires all courses to be re-rated at least every ten years. Customer service in handicapping also includes, but is not limited to, stroke allocation reports, i.e., where handicap strokes fall on the scorecard, assistance to golf shops via phone and on-site visits for use with GHIN products, and all supplies such as score cards and cart signs needed to use with these products.

The championship program was first established in 1899 to run the West Penn Open and West Penn Amateur Championships and continues to develop. A checkpoint pace of play procedure will be implemented this season and new technology to improve status reports on-course has been purchased. This program consists of 35 days and consists of individual championships, USGA qualifying rounds, partner’s competitions and matches with other organizations. We encourage eligible members to compete. Members who don’t compete should consider volunteering as a Rules official or by providing other on-site help.

The Association also offers Member Club services such as workshops (Rules of Golf and Handicapping), golf days like Club Rep Day and the Annual Meeting, club visits, publications, information services and history preservation and promotion.

The WPGA Scholarship Fund assists employees at our Member Clubs who meet the requirements of employment, financial need, scholastic excellence and outside activities. Employees from all club departments are eligible for consideration. Our Scholarship Fund qualifies as a charitable organization for which donations are tax deductible.


About wpga

To foster, promote and advance the interests and the true spirit of the game of golf throughout Western Pennsylvania.
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