Pace of Play Policy established for 2015

With the ever increasing importance of pace of play in golf, the Championship Committee of the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association has formally approved a Pace of Play Policy to begin in 2015. The policy will operate on a group based two checkpoint system. Players will be required to adhere to the guidelines set forth at each competition. Checkpoint clocks and officials will be stationed on the ninth and eighteenth greens at each competition. An additional clock will be placed on the sixth and fifteenth greens; this clock has no status and only serves to remind the player of their position with regard to their upcoming checkpoint. Additionally, we would appreciate contestants cooperation in returning their nine hole scores at these checkpoints in an effort to keep scores up to date in our tournament software for web viewing and field information.

The WPGA Championship Survey conducted last fall showed that a high percentage of regular competitors in Association conducted events prefer having a checkpoint system in place. While the Association has had little trouble with regard to pace of play in the recent past, the new policy will only serve to protect the field and the competition itself.

For detailed information on the Pace of Play policy please see the following attachments:

WPGA Pace of Play Policy
Players Information – Pace of Play

Thank you for your feedback and continued support of Association Championships and we look forward to your cooperation with this new policy as well as another year of great competition.


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